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James Unger » What an attractive blog! There's so much to love here: One example among many: the triplet at the end of "Incomplete Dream." Hope to see you at menwomenand
Tablets » Beautiful poetry.
Tablets » Beautiful poetry.
yginflatable » what a good blog
Leo Whyte » I liked your poetry
ness » i like your stuff
adukuri » Thanks and my good wishes
Qumang » Hi greeting from Malaysia
Jackal » So glad to have stumbled across your blog through fotothing. You have wonderful photos and now I discover beautiful poetry.
Warrior-Poet » Isn't it kind of odd that sometimes in the wandering of the mind that poetry takes us through we can see more truth in a person that a plain facts story?
Cendrine » The whole blog is a masterpiece! Keep up the good work!
Cendrine » Fantastic poems you write!
jose » love your poetry. i've just linked you. i'll be back soon.
Ajraoa » Thanks - ajrao
smenon » your poetry is very evocative of very different hues a pleasure to read
ajrao » thanks
Hari » Your poems are very reflective. I especially liked the one on Guruvayoor. Guruvayoor is one of my favorite temples, which I visit whenever I go to India.
blueskelton » I'm Back!
Rashmi » Linked you to my blog
jefzila »
Rashmi » Beautiful poetry...
birdkilla' » ur poetry is defenately different from the others ive ever written or read. thats awsum.
Angel Floral » cool posts u have all the best
ajrao » thanks, insidemamind.All the best to you.
Insidemamind » Nice poems!
A.J.Rao » Thanks,meis. for the good words.
meis » wow, you're very talented. you should consider entering some competitions, the prize money can be very good. or even going to a publisher. you have real talent.
ajrao » Thanks. are welcome. Thanks buLan for the compliments
fetisha » nice poems! can i link your blog?
buLan » have to commend you for your poetry. it's very moving. make good.