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Monday, December 17, 2012

Child cry is the beginning of war and night
A sadness enveloping , irony growing lives
Stupidity, not nature red in tooth and claw,
Snuffing out optimism from kids and news.

Bird baby falls dead from an air-conditioner.
A mother bird pecks at the angry sky space
On the internet wire , playing out its irony.

We play irony in our news as a fresh narrative
As a drama on gun control or mental health
Thinking which is which, about baby's mouth.
A baby bawls in the basement of a darkness.

Posted at 04:33 pm by adukuri

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Into the yellow of light we enter at the sunset
And open page after page of the written word.
The sun shines brightly outside a green carpet
Against the phonetic drone of a man's words.
Wisdom binds parallel two-dimensional planes
Together here ,joining them in a common light.

Yesterday we had a bundle of lines cleaning up
A room of straight lines, its light catching them
And scooping them up behind a door's triangle
After kicking up a storm in cross luminous lines
And flying light dust particles as in a dust storm.
Light was dust flying in our face, towards roof.

Light is no longer lines nor is broom a bundle
Resting in a triangular door corner , chafing light.
There are light points from room's broken lines.
The points now lie in parallel planes of existence
Held together and a common light thread runs
In them across vast recesses of a human mind.

Posted at 04:17 pm by adukuri

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Having just cleaned the floor, the broom rests
Behind the door, in a soft sibilant silence there
In the slightly open arms of the door, triangularly
Marking lines of shadows enclosing a darkness,
A darkness that is a creaking silence, a soft purr.

It has eaten a room's lines in one large scoop
Lines formed in a half light of curtained sunlight,
Writ in the waters of a window's ascending sun.
The lines are flights of birds white to our fingers.
And they will soon fly to temporary night rests
As little blobs of white in the darkness of trees.

But the broom has scooped up the dusty light
And the light is now flying feverishly as soft dust
Particles towards higher reaches of the room.
After creating the storm the broom safely rests
In the shadow of the door's triangle with the wall.

Posted at 04:35 pm by adukuri

Friday, December 14, 2012

Can moss oxidate is our question hanging
In the cliff, as a hanger is mid-air and against
Streaks of water, dropping from higher rocks
And a shirt color or two emerges at bottom
Among rising food carts for colored sweaters.

Seems we have lichen in oxide color of rock
Or moss that gathers no green but brown.
Imagine rocks rusting like our good old iron.
Their ancient sun does not make chlorophyll
But brown tiny leaves, in pearl-drops of rain
The sun may be rusting of old age in the hills.

It is not the sun alone who is rusting , in case.
The monks are doing the same thing in ocher.
Their child presences are smoking in laughter.
As white curls emerge from their rust brown
Clothes with Buddha peace prevailing in folds.
As they run peace prevails in higher echelons.

Posted at 02:12 pm by adukuri

Thursday, December 13, 2012
The light grew less in his eyes

We hear a body's fall steeped in a melody
With exquisite sound gone from its fingers.
The eyes fell of broken strings , their music
Lost in the winter of its time, in its nightfall.

The glass spread quickly in its stringing eyes.
The big black eyes were strung to a fine song,
The song of a lifetime, the flow of a generation.
The sound is now ashes, the eyes just beads.

(Remembering the big black eyes of music maestro Ravi Shankar who passed this week-)

Posted at 05:04 pm by adukuri

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The child in falling knickers looks at sleepers
And feels stranded ,beside snoring sleepers
Their sleeping mouths open like death's caves.

The child is stranded in a sea of sleeping men
In the mausoleum, as its pillars rise to the fans
That stir afternoon air, stranded in a hot roof.

The child is stranded beside sleeping parents
Themselves stranded in a sleep of mausoleum,
Over sleepers of ancient deaths in royal finery.

Posted at 01:57 pm by adukuri

Monday, December 10, 2012

Everything would pass in the snow hills
Even the hordes who would climb them
And run down ancestors with their cows

Along rivers snaking down from the hills
Much like elephant foot soldiers elsewhere
Who had brought about a civilization's fall.

There, down, in western hills a fierce wind
Would blow in the pass on temple's beauty
Now stirring wind mills for pure tax profits.

There is no pass but a well worn passage
A message to the world to give a passage
A passport to gold riches that side of sea.

Among us is a grave passage that runs quietly
In vast spaces, filling the debris of our nights
A narrow pass that vanishes in vague hills.

Posted at 02:30 pm by adukuri

Sunday, December 09, 2012
cul de sac

We went into our eating ( by way of a cul de sac
Where we reach the bottom end with the fingers
Scraping the darkness there), in chillies and garlic
With a touch of millet and sweet solid cane sugar
In a blind alley in a car that can take only a u-turn
From a wall staring at our going away after a belch
With a lips- reddening leaf with a white stuff in it.

The fingers touch the bottom darkness that tickles ,
Quickly come out to light, a wave length stretching
And return to where you all began, to bag's handle,
An entry into the car's little space, a medicinal talk
That went over to little cul de sacs in our bodies on
A journey to largest of them, to their deadest end .

Posted at 03:15 pm by adukuri

Saturday, December 08, 2012
The Chinese fisherman

On the wooden cupboard there he stands
With a slung shoulder pole of fish baskets
In a bearded continuum from an ancient sea
Sharing his porcelain immortality with them.
These are things we live among and eat with.

We some times stare at him in a film of dust.
His fish is eternally dead in bamboo baskets
Like his wispy beard, white as the sea-surf.
Mostly we feel his gaze in our back as we eat.

Posted at 03:41 pm by adukuri

Thursday, December 06, 2012
Examined life

This morning you will examine life
As a document from the archives
While looking into a balcony's dark
Extension, its trees secretly living
Unexamined lives in a dark breeze.

Socrates is not an unsociable jerk
But is only finding a worth living life
Of a bearded philosopher of a wife
Who is about to sprinkle dirty water
On a beard,quivering for meaning.

We are not to find meaning in pigs
Going into ham sandwiches, forming
Lumps in the throats of philosophical
Inquiry, finding meaning in pig's life
Nor in our life history of eating pigs
With its justification rooted in nature
In a convoluted evolutionary theory.

We only wonder if the examined life
Is worth all this time,and what we do
Finally with the overwhelming sarcasm
Behind all this, with the smelly bones
At the bottom end of such inquiries.

Posted at 04:28 pm by adukuri

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